Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Israel embarked on a war against the good conscious and morality of humans around the world. Everyone can now see what is going on in Gaza. I hope the truthfulness of the cause has reached some media outlets. Several say that the flotilla was 'provocative', citing our own governments words, but hundred more said FREE GAZA! I have seen the pictures, the videos, horror stories from people and its overwhelming. I congratulate these men and women from sacrificing their time, energy and even freedom for some-  to help spread the word. Its unfortunate that Israel and the US have gone hand in hand with this; suppressing the truth and trying to eliminate a whole civilization.

Still yet, we need to continue to contact our US government officials. 

Don't stop calling, emailing, sending letters, walking into their offices,  banding together and spreading the word -
We cannot give up and we will not give up!

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