Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Alice Walker on CNN and other news in Gaza

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I must be in agreement when Alice Walker says "I see children, all children, as humanity's most precious resource". 
For the children of Gaza there are no commercials, there are no mailings asking for food, clean water, they are suffering in silence as the world watches. We cannot even witness what is going on because the media does not show it. That's only in this country. Other countries who do not have strong ties to Israel and are not frightened to show the life in Gaza for what is is share this information. I ask that you take a look at the following sites:

Here in Israel, the passengers on the Flotilla are depicted as terrorists, please pray for my friend, the passengers on board as the Israels are already practicing tactics on preventing the Flotilla from going to Gaza. (In case you did not know the Mediterranean Sea belongs to no one- and it is illegal to "seize control" of those waters since its supposed to be free, so what is Israel doing?????)

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