Saturday, June 25, 2011

Calling all Pennsylvanians!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shortly, the Audacity of Hope is setting sail to Gaza. The boat contains 50 precious Americans, one who is a retired Social Worker in NYC who is my most dear friend.

I am requesting help from my neighbors in the Lehigh Valley to protest against any Israeli attack upon the Flotilla, whether they board or open fire we need do something if our Government will not. The US and Israel need to hear our shouts to allow safe passage of the Flotilla into Gaza.

I ask that we converge on 7th & Hamilton in Allentown, PA TODAY (June 25th) at 3PM.

*Sorry for the inconvenience but I had no idea I needed a permit and since we do not have one, PD asked that we abide 2 rules: 1) do not bring any signs that have sticks on them, or anything that can be used as a weapon. Just regular signs will do. 2)do not block pedestrian walkways.

This is the best website to read more about the cause and why I am doing this.

More information can be found at: [more updates avail. here on my blog]

Please help me organize this as I am one citizen acting alone and am in desperate need of other supporters.

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  1. A Chara! Hello, you are not alone. I am in Maryland, and feeling somewhat alone myself. We must all do what we can to stand united with the others. We may not be able to reach their hands, but still we stand united in heart and mind. We can not let the crimes continue, and turn a blind eye to them even if our government wishes us to do so.