Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Israel has gone to extreme steps to discourage the Flotilla and its supporters. First, it threatens death and imprisonment to the passengers, 10 year ban for all journalists and media, and lets not forget the economic pressure Greece now faces due to having the Flotilla waiting patiently to set sail at their ports.
Israel has claimed that there are accessible routes to provide aid to Gaza. What Israel and the international community at large is missing, is that Gaza does not want aid. The want/require independence so they can achieve economic growth; rebuild their demolished city, educate their youth, care for their sick, etc etc.

Here is the erroneous allegations Israel is trying to brainwash its constituents [also the constituents of the USA, since they are our best friend]:
To read the response by the Flotilla please click here: http://ustogaza.org/latest-posts/

You can hear the hate in the peoples words as you read the comments on these articles. Some say 'Sink the ship to the bottom', 'These are warships and should be treated as such'. I hope that by reading this you have some belief in the goal here to end the siege on Gaza, let them have their own independence. Our activists are not terrorists, rather the perpetrator of suppressing the Palestinians are the terrorists. One culture cannot control another culture. That is simple basic human rights law. The USA has learned it's lesson with slavery, you would think that the Jewish community, especially those in charge, have learned from the Holocaust. There is a Holocaust survivor on the Audacity of Hope, is she suspect to having bags of unknown chemicals to kill the IDF? Let me guess all of our letters to Gaza is also a ploy and they all contain Anthrax....I can come up with many sci-fi scenarios. The truth is, Israel has our citizens in their hands unfortunately. I just really wish we lived in a country where the righteous were right and praised for it. May God Bless America, and steer this country right.

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