Thursday, June 30, 2011

Media Outlets / Sewage Pipes

I had no idea that the Jewish community, the Holocaust survivor, the Hispanics, LGBTQ, and several other groups aboard the Flotilla all have “ hate for Israel” which is why they are going? News to me; this is the garbage that is being spewed in Israel. The propaganda that is being floated through every media stream looks quite pathetic at this point. Here is the link if you want to give yourself a laugh:
Furthermore in the Jereseulum Post they continue to quote people in political power all saying that the “flotilla is a bad idea”, that it is “provacative” and that everyone should have learned a lesson from last year. Why in the world does that exclude Israel if they murdered activists in cold executionary styles???
PLEASE readers, I implore you to seek out information instead reading one article, agreeing with it and becoming brainwashed. Think for yourselves.

Aside from the media propaganda. The Irish ship has evidence, images showing the sabotage to their ship the Saoirse. The damage is so intense and was not intended to render the ship powerless to set sail. But rather head off to to the high seas and then the damage to the propellers and other components would have had a drastic effect: SINKING. This is a conspiracy to commit murder charge in my book. I am grateful that the damage was spotted before the Flotilla set sail. 

Today there will be a press conference in Dublin to discuss the sabotage of the Irish ship Saoirse. You can read more about this at:,7340,L-4089360,00.html

Nonetheless, the FLOTILLA WILL SET SAIL. Remember this isn't about just brining much needed aid. I personally don't care about proper channels to deliver that aid. The press is missing the important idea.


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